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Welcome to the Music Room!



I am the music teacher for DeBusk and McDonald Elementary Schools. I am so excited to be working with your children this year! There are many new things we will be discovering together, and it is my hope that your child learns a great deal and has some fun in the process.


My expectations for the music classroom are few and easy to understand:


M        Make good choices and do the right thing.

U         Use kind words and be nice.

S          Sing, speak, and play only when asked.

I           Include yourself in all activities.

C         Care for the music room and equipment.


I believe if the students meet these expectations, everything we do will be much more enjoyable and we will have an environment that encourages learning.


In kindergarten, we focus on finding our voices. Therefore, our classes will look as if we are just playing games, but we are really exploring how our voices, as well as our bodies, move. If you come to our room you will see us moving in different ways, singing, making up songs and movements, and sometimes playing simple instruments. We are also learning how to work together in a group setting.


First grade and second grade are really extensions of kindergarten. We are still doing a lot of experimentation with our voices and movement. We are beginning to move from improvisational (free form) form into a more structured format. We are also beginning to learn to read and write music. As we learn to read music notation, we also learn to play instruments by reading simple rhythms.


Third and fourth graders begin playing melodic instruments, specifically recorders (sorry, parents!). Students will build on what they learned in the early grades to transfer to the recorder. Playing the recorder serves as an introduction to band instruments. They will have the opportunity to play in middle school band. Third and fourth grade students also continue working on building good and healthy singing habits.


Fifth through eighth graders further extend what was learned in third and fourth grades. We transfer reading and playing skills to focus on percussion instruments (buckets) in an ensemble and ukuleles (new this year).


All of the activities in the music classroom reflect the National Music Standards which fall into four main categories:


Perform:   playing instruments, singing

Create:     writing

Respond:  listening to different genres and responding; learning how to listen

Connect:  learning how music connects to other disciplines (reading, math, science, history) as   
                well as the connections music has with other cultures throughout the world


You are welcome to come visit our music class any time. We love visitors!