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McDonald Elementary LEAPS (Lottery for Education Afterschool Programs)

  • The grant is 100% provided by unclaimed lottery prize money.
  • The grant cycle runs for 3 years before another competition period.
  • The next grant competition will be in 2023.

The goal of the LEAP's program is to give students an opportunity to explore, experiment, and discover.  The students should be involved in a development process with opportunities to learn and grow through problem solving.

Another important aspect of the LEAP's program is that it will be a well integrated program that familiarizes classroom endeavors. This concept makes it important to keep the lines of communication open between the students, the parents, and the school.


Students, parents, and staff will treat everyone with respect.
Students should stay with LEAPS personnel at all times and never leave their group without permission
Students will not be involved in horseplay or run inside the school
Students are responsible for the care of the school and equipment
Students and staff will follow all Greene County Schools rules at all time
1st offense - One day expulsion from LEAPs
2nd offense - Three day expulsion from LEAPs
3rd offense - Expulsion from LEAPs for the rest of the school year.

Joni Stimmell