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This month's highlighted workers begin with Lloyd McCamey and Billy Chandler.  They serve McDonald throughout the school day as custodians and Billy continues as a bus driver in mornings AND afternoons.
Lloyd McCamey came to McDonald Elementary from Glenwood Elementary.  He has worked as a bus driver and custodian for over 10 years.  He has been married 40 yrs. this April!  Congratulations for that great accomplishment!!!  He has a daughter and a grand-daughter that keep him busy when he isn't working at McDonald School.
Billy Chandler has been at McDonald Elementary School for the past 17 years.  He has worked at McDonald for the entirety of his Greene County School time.  He has two sons and is married.  He not only does custodial work throughout the school day including driving a bus, but he also works during the summer and sometimes on holidays to keep our school beautiful.  
So, the next time you are walking down a hallway at McDonald Elementary or using the facilities...take good care of them to show your respect for these two great guys!!!